I was born in Houston, Texas and now reside on Galveston Island off the Gulf Coast.

There has always been a love of the old and discarded parts of the world for as long as I can remember. The idea of taking what was considered refuse or outdated and transforming those items into a work of emotional nostalgia for the viewer, can only be described as a life long obsession.

There is no end of material things that are thrown away, end up in thrift shops, or that can be found in the local allies and streets. As long as there are objects to be found, I'll continue to build my creations of lost and neglected objects.

To create meaning from objects that have none, this is my greatest Joy!!!

I apply this method to almost everything I do creatively, as I am a Autodidact and love to explore many processes. With that the idea of using what is already available in your environment and applying those materials in a meaningful way to Sculpture, Painting, Assemblage, Design and just about everything else. I see no logical reason in letting perfectly good material resources go to waste.

Being a Autodidact artist, my work has evolved continually over the years. The work produced is more about the process of creation and the telling of parables. My desire is to evoke an emotional response, and a connection with the viewer. I prefer hearing the interpretations of others and what they see, rather than dictate what that should be.

My work can be seem regularly at Hendley Market on the Strand in Galveston when not exhibiting off the Island.

The mystery of the unknown is what drives the human heart. To peak into the abyss of all there is without FEAR.